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Wang Translation of 300TANG POEMS [素敵な贈り物]

Another Presents from Mr.Chin for me is a book of "Wang Translation of 300TANG POEMS 王訳唐詩300首" 352 pages.
I would like to appreciate his thoughtfulness of choosing presents for me.
I have been reading classical Chinese poem only in classical Chinese characteristic 古典的中国語表記文字 or in English translation.
I only can read or write classical Chinese characteristic in Japanese pronounciation.
As a matter of course, in this book Chinese pronunciation of these poems are not showed. I can only read them in Japanese pronunciation except of present Chinese characteristic 現代中国語表記文字 which partially I can not imagine the meaning of simplified characteristics.
But in turn, I can imagine those classical characteristics by translated English.

At the evening in the hotel of Hakone-Yumoto, Mr.Chin and I have talked many mainly in English and made conversation by writing classical (basic) Chinese characteristic.
He knows many classical Chinese characteristics instead of my understanding that many present young Chinese could not be able to read or write classic characteristics.
Even if he is a Malaysia-born Chinese, he must has been a learned.

Now opening my text of old style Chinese poems, I search for the same poem of the 300 tang book.
Li Bai 李白Rihaku, Meng Haoran 孟浩然Mokonen, Du Hu 杜甫Toho, Bai Juyi 白居易Hakukyoi....etc. are my favorite poems.

cf: Chinese phonogram are showed by Italic characteristics.


Mr.Chin is one of my younger foreigner friends. We have been making friends with each other in the bus on the way to Hakone-Sengokuhara in Autumn 2010. At that time, He was going to his hotel in the top of Hakone Togendai area. We were going to the hotel in Sengokuhara area. After that, we have been exchanging e-mail and he came to Japan again last year. This time was probably his 3rd coming to Japan. Every time of his coming to Japan, He have been carrying many impressive and thoughtful present for me.
20120503odawara 119.jpg
I would like to introduce his thoughtful presents one by one. First of all, I was astonished looking into the present. It is beyond my expectation "姑蘇繁華図 FLOURISHING CITY GUSU" which was written by ”徐楊Xu Yang” in ”清朝Qing Dynasty". It must be the copy of one of Chinese most precious historical treasure in almost 3/4 actual length size. Immediately I look for its guide book and read it with fantastic impression. It become one of my treasures. I would like to thank him that he selected and presented me such thoughtful precious book. Thank you very much Mr.Chin.

素敵な贈り物 ブログトップ